Have A Great Family Vacation In Littleton CO

Littleton CO is a lovely city that isn’t far from Denver at all. In fact, it’s part of the Denver metro area. You are going to find approximately 48 major attractions in this city according to a trusted travel site. That means there is quite a lot to do in Littleton CO. Let’s start with Littleton Museum, and then we can work our way down the list.

Littleton Museum is a place to get to know the area better. The place is actually a working farm, and there is also a blacksmith shop there. How neat is that to step back in time? You are going to find Littleton Museum at 6028 South Gallup Street, and people call this place ‘living history.’ You see everything as it was, unfolding right before your very eyes. It would definitely make for a nice stop, a break from all the modern amenities.

Roxborough State Park is located at 4751 East Roxborough Drive, and it’s a great place to explore nature in Littleton with your family. There is a rock formation that people say looks like George Washington. There is plenty of wildlife to see there, including bears, so be careful. People report seeing deer, hawks and other animals, too.

Next up is another state park. It’s called Chatfield State Park, and it’s also located on Roxborough Road. There is a beach there for swimming, and people talk about going horseback riding there. You will likely get to see some of the sailing community when you visit this state park as well. You can go camping there, and that sounds like a lot of fun.

Deer Creek Canyon Park is another place to experience nature when you’re in Littleton, Colorado. It’s located on the road with the same name, and you can make your way towards Grizzly Drive. Grizzly Drive sounds cool, but I’m telling you, be careful about those bears. Know how to carry yourself and what to have on you. The park is said to be quite stunning, beautiful. It is a wonderful place to go hiking.

You have a few different places where you can go hiking. And you also have a nice museum to visit as well. This is a wonderful little city to experience outside of Denver, Littleton. Make your way with your family to Littleton CO, and have a great vacation out in nature and enjoying other attractions as well.